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Group Golf Fitness can help.

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Golf Specific Circuit Training benefit you

 Our Golf Specific Group Training Program might be the answer for you. This group training class combines Golf Fitness training, Functional exercise, Plyometric training and ballistic training to SUPERCHARGE your body for golf in a group environment.

This type of training focuses on the core stability, strength, and explosiveness needed to create stability and mobility in the right places in your body for golf. The program promotes muscle strength, balance, flexibility, speed and explosiveness throughout your body while targeting muscles in the golf swing.

This is group training classes of 10-20 people doing a golf specific circuit workout. Group training is a fun and a total body workout addressing all the major components in golf: Agility, Strength, Power, Flexibility, and Endurance

Although the session is conducted as a group, you can expect our Golf Fitness Specialist to tailor the workout to each golfer. Individuals of varying fitness levels can participate in the same group session.

Group Golf Fitness TrainingGroup Golf Fitness Training

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